Agile Consulting

Implementing effective agile — the type that brings the benefits everyone is after — requires a partner who can guide both executives and teams. We’ve helped roll out agile for teams, projects, and large programs up to 2,000 people.


Common consulting services include:

Agency-Wide and Large Program Agile Rollout Planning and Execution

Designing and implementing large-scale agile requires special skills and experience. We’ve helped design and implement solutions for agencies with $700M in annual software project expenditures, and on individual projects of over $1B.

Agile Tools Assessment and Recommendations

All agile tools are not created equal. Some are designed for teams of 10, while others effective support scaled agile of hundreds or thousands of people. Some are great at executive reporting, and others aren’t. We leverage prior assessments and modify them for your situation to save you time and frustration.

Boosting FITARA Scores With Agile

Improving your FITARA score doesn’t need to just be a ‘check the box’ exercise. Get real value for your organization by building effective agile while increasing scores.

Enhancing Existing Agile Rollout

Already using agile but you know there is room for improvement? Need to revitalize a challenged program? We leverage what you’ve already done and use effective agile techniques to improve.

Determining Most Suitable ‘Flavor’ of Agile

There are as many as 40 agile frameworks. Which is right for you? We provide a brief but effective assessment to help you choose.

Preparing for DevSecOps

DevSecOps is the next logical step after you’ve established a solid agile baseline. What does it take to implement it? We work with you to develop and execute a roadmap.

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