Agile Transformation and Implementation

Effectively roll-out “agile done right” to an agency, department, or large organization. We have designed and implemented transformation strategies that work for Commercial and Government executives and 2,000+ staff and vendors.

Launch Agile Teams

Kick-off new Scrum team with training and advice from an expert personally trained by an author of the Agile Manifesto. Once launched, improve productivity and business value through ongoing evaluation, recommendations, and tracking.

Improve or Fix Existing Agile Team

Many so-called agile teams practice what is often referred to as “fake agile”, which provides few if any benefits. We uncover major obstacles to success, prioritize the most important ones, and help implement solutions.

Improve or Fix Large Program

Scaling “bad agile” to 50, 100, or 500 people often results in massive underperformance. We address challenges specific to scaled agile, including cross-team communications, joint “big room” planning, integrated sprint demos, and “team of teams” impediments.

Agile Acquisitions

Effective agility requires changes to procurements, vendor evaluation, contacts, and metrics. Get the right vendor, avoid wasting money, and achieve your objectives.

Agile Coaches and Experts

Just need great agile coaches, SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs), DevSecOps experts, scrum masters, or other agile professionals? We supply only top-notch staff using qualification methods consistent with the creators of Scrum, Scrum@Scale, and SAFe.

Public Training

Tired of getting trained by people
who don’t understand the Government?

The Government is unique: complex acquisition rules, a culture resistant to change, endless oversight, a focus on mission instead of profits, and, of course, the budget cycle. We are the only Scrum and Scaled Agile training partner 100% focused on Government clients and their contractors. All trainers have a minimum of 20 years of Government and private sector experience.

Private Training

Do you have at least ten people
who need agile training?

We offer private classes with benefits such as fast and easy procurement, and participants earn continuing education credits.  All of our examples and materials are built specifically for a Government audience.