Agile Team PI Planning Readiness Checklist

Are your agile teams ready for your upcoming Program Increment (PI) Planning event? We use the attached checklist to confirm each team is ready. If you need help preparing for and executing your PI Planning event, please get in touch: info [at]

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SAFe PI Planning Tips

We've facilitated SAFe Program Increment (PI) Planning for over 50 teams across 6 Agile Release Trains (ART), and are often asked for helpful tips. The attached file shows some guidelines we've learned over the years. If you need help preparing for and executing your...

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Detecting Agile BS Revisited

The Department of Defense (DoD) Innovation Board (DIB) coined the term “Agile BS” to highlight a major issue: teams claiming they are “agile” but not delivering the value real agility creates. To support their work, we developed the following indicators of potential...

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