Private Training

Do you have at least 10 people who need agile training?
We offer private classes with benefits including:

Agile Without the BS

Most contractors are focused on “fake agile”, or what the Department of Defense (DoD) calls “Agile BS”. Learn to spot “agile BS” from the only trainer exclusively focused on Government and personally certified to train by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, an author of the Agile Manifesto and co-creator of Scrum.

Fast and Easy Procurement

We are a certified Small Business Administration (SBA) HUBZone business eligible for set asides and direct awards up to $4M. We also have a trusted 8(a) partner we can work with if that program is preferred.

Measurable Results

Want a business partner willing to put their money where their mouth is? Couple training with ongoing coaching and we cut our fees up to 50% in exchange for a “share in your savings”. Contact us for more information.

Agile for Senior Executives

Does your executive leadership want to help but can’t spend days getting trained? We can teach them everything they need to know, including exactly what we need from them, in just over an hour.

Keep It Simple

Good agility shouldn’t be complicated. We focus on the highest-leverage parts of the most popular frameworks.

Continuing Education Credits

Are some of your team members Project Management Institute (PMI) PMPs? Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) FAC-PPMs or FAC-CORs? Keep your staff happy and help meet their renewal requirements by earning continuing education credits for both programs.

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Best training I’ve ever taken. They clearly know the content inside and out and used lots of real-world examples.

J. Foster

Branch Chief

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’m new to Agile and not sure what class to take. Can you help?

Sure. Because your business and IT context matter, this is easiest to discuss interactively. Please fill out an info request form, or email us at info [at] and we'll get in touch.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. All participants in private classes receive a discount. Additional discounts are applied in tiers based on the number of students. Please contact us at customers [at] for details.

What happens if I need to leave class for one or more meetings?

The certification authorities usually mandate attendance and participation during 95% or more of class time to sit for the certification test. That allows for missing less than 1 hour of a two-day class.

We do have a planned 45 or 60 minute lunch break for full-day classes.

What is your cancellation policy?

For private classes that are virtual, you can work with us to select alternative dates without a penalty 5 or more calendar days prior to the event.

You can cancel 30 or more calendar days prior to the event for a full refund. If you cancel less than 30 calendar days and more than 14 calendar days prior to the event, you receive a 50% refund. Cancellations 14 calendar days or less prior to the event are not eligible for a refund.

Please contact us at customers [at] to discuss other cases.

Is the certification exam hard?

It varies by the certification, but most are pretty straightforward. The exams are focused on core concepts and there is no ‘trickery’. If you pay attention during the class and spend an hour reading through the recommended materials before the exam, we're confident you will do well. Over 90% of our students pass the exam the first time.

Do I get continuing education credits for attending?

Yes. For two-day classes, attendees receive 16 Project Management Institute PDUs and 16 Category B Scrum Education Units (SEUs). Government staff receive 16 Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) after approval from your FAI program coordinator.

How do I claim PMI PDUs for your classes?

PMI maintains an Online PDU Reporting (CCR) System for all PMI credential holders. Use this system to enter your education credits. For information on how to do that, see the CCRS user guide.

What tools do you use for virtual training?

We can adapt to your situation if you have tool requirements. Typically, for audio/video connections, we use Zoom.

For collaboration, we use either Mural or Miro. Your pre-class email will let you know which one.

We teach students all they need to know to use these tools effectively just prior to class, and also provide optional videos for over-achievers.

What is included with the cost of training?

For virtual classes, we include the cost to take a certification test, a PDF version of all materials, and up to 1 hour during the first 3 months after the class to answer questions that come up in practice.

How do I prepare for my class?

After registration, we will send out an email with a pre-class checklist. Completing the checklist usually takes 15 minutes or less.

Do you provide an electronic copy of the slides?

We do. A copy of the slides is provided in PDF format.

Do I need to pay to renew my certification?

Yes. The amount varies by certification. It is usually either $50 or $100 per year. We will provide details towards the end of each class.

I’m a contractor or vendor partner. Are your classes for me?

Yes. Our courses are for both US Government employees and their partners. Anyone passionate about transforming government through agility is welcome.

What if I fail the certification exam?

It depends on the class. For SAFe classes, you can take a practice exam as many times as you like and there is no penalty if you fail.

For our Scrum Inc. (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Scrum@Scale) classes, you can take the exam a 2nd time at no cost. Our focus is on making sure people understand the key concepts, not on charging you exorbitant fees to re-take an exam.

My company needs to pay for training via PO & invoice. How do I register with this payment method?

Please send us an email with the details using info [at] and we’ll be happy to help.