Detecting “Agile BS” Revisited

The Department of Defense (DoD) Innovation Board (DIB) coined the term “Agile BS” to highlight a major issue: teams claiming they are “agile” but not delivering the value real agility creates. We applaud the DoD for both their willingness to tackle this critical issue and the undiplomatic title.

To support their work, we developed the following indicators of potential Agile BS after working with 100+ agile teams and seeking feedback from Government and private sector agile coaches.

The Quick and Easy Agile BS Detector

The questions take 2 – 3 minutes to complete and focus on software delivery programs. You can tweak the meaning of each question so they also apply to non-software programs, or contact us for help.

Choose the best answer for each statement below. If you have multiple agile teams, walk through the questions separately for each team.